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Send & Receive money instantly across over 40+ countries globally.


Create flexible virtual dollar cards to spend on your favourite websites.


Enjoy unlimited free transfers to local banks and other Flux users.


Buy 90+ cryptos, store cash in dollars or euros for a fixed duration until maturity.


Send cash to anyone instantly.

Seamlessly send and receive money using mobile money, Flux wallet, or direct bank account from the US, UK, China, Japan and up to 40+ countries globally within 5 to 10 minutes.


Virtual Dollar cards to spend anywhere.

Easily create, freeze, unfreeze, terminate Virtual Dollar Cards that can be used on your favourite websites to shop, and pay for subscriptions. Enjoy secure online payments.


Local & International money transfers.

Enjoy unlimited free transfers to all local banks with no account maintenance charges or hidden fees, just send money to anyone for free using Flux!


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    Frequently asked

  • How many countries do you support?

    Flux is currently supported in multiple countries globally and can be used to send & receive money instantly from the following countries within minutes. United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Cyprus, Estonia, South Africa, Vietnam, Australia, Canada, Ukraine, China, Egypt. Hongkong, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, South Korea, Turkey, Dubai, Philippines, Kenya, Ghana, and India.

  • How much does it cost to open a Flux account?

    FREE!!! Setting up your Flux account is free and does not require you to make a minimum deposit. You can decide to fund your account immediately after you sign up or fund whenever you want to.

  • What can I use the Flux app for?

    Flux can be used to perform day to day transactions from simple payments like paying for meals, sending receiving money from your peers, purchasing airtime, paying bills (Internet, Cable TV, electricity bills), making small and large purchases globally, and saving your cash in dollars or euros for a fixed duration to receive it after duration.

  • Are transfers free on Flux?

    YES!!! All local cash transfers are free on Flux, whether you are sending money to a bank account or you are sending money to another Flux user. It is totally free, no hidden charges, no maintenance fees or other funny charges. We believe free banking should be free and shouldn’t be capped.

  • How secure is my money with Flux?

    Protecting your money is our biggest priority. We use cutting-edge technology to safeguard your account and money on the Flux app. We are partnered with fully licensed payment service providers to help facilitate your money transfers. Our partners also provide an extra layer of security in protecting your money. Contact us at for more information.

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